What’s the Best Mouse Poison Solution?

Like me, you may prefer more humane methods of getting rid of mice, such as a natural prevention system. However, if you can’t accomplish your goal through non-toxic remedies, it’s handy to have a backup plan that you can count on.

What is the Best Mouse Point that is Simple, Low-Cost and No-Mess?

Of course, having an effective solution is top priority. In addition, a rodent elimination strategy that requires minimal effort, cost and mess makes the job a lot less frustrating.

In my opinion, that takes mouse traps and extermination services out of the equation. I don’t like seeing or handling dead mice, nor do I want to pay expensive exterminator fees or a monthly service if I don’t have to.

D-Con Bait Station - the Best Mouse Poison for Getting Rid of Mice?That leaves poison, which I don’t want to use either. On the other hand, I don’t want rodents nesting in the walls of my house chewing on wires, etc..

When searching for the best mouse poison, I came across D-Con’s Bait Stations.

Why Do I think Bait Stations Make the Best Mouse Poison?

Not only do they work well at killing mice, but the contraption houses the poison bait safely away from pets and other animals who are too large to enter the station.

In addition, you can get a refillable bait station along with 20 baits for under $20. This method definitely costs less than calling in the professionals, even if you get several bait stations.

Basically, you set up the bait station where you see rodent activity and let the device do the rest. The rodents eat the bait, leave and then die.

No mess to clean up or dead animals to deal with. Simply refill the bait if you notice it being eaten. Place them in attics, basements, garages, sheds, behind appliances, etc.. Their compact and weather-resistant design also allow you to use them indoors or outside.

Don’t overlook common entry points that include open vents, tree limbs rear the roof, gaps under flashing, under the garage door, etc..

Note: Full disclosure, I purchased these baits and set them up in my garage as my “Back-Up Plan”. However, I never noticed any bites or mouse droppings after I set them out because I think the Ultrasonic/Electromagnetic Repellers already solved my rodent problem. In my experience, the best way to get rid of mice once in your walls is those repellers.

Many people agree that using poison baits is the best way to kill mice when doing the job yourself. That said, once you get rid of a current infestation, you may want to go back to preventative tactics such as botanical odorants and ultrasonic pest control devices.